How to Write a Bromance

Joey, Danny, (Michelle), and Jesse

Boy meets boy. Boy and boy become best friends. Boy and boy fall into brotherly love. What can I say? The relationship of a bromance touches me in a way boy meets girl never can. Sure, romances are sugar and nice. But sometimes. . . I need more.

I need brutal honesty. I need total oversharing. I need an abundance of bear hugging.

(Romances don’t bear hug, dear person reading. They just don’t.)

While TV shows are peppered with bromances, not many written stories host touchy feely dude-to-dude friendships. That needs to change. Except, before we can write bromance, we need to lay out the code of conduct.

Bromance: a close but nonsexual bond between two men

1. The men are best friends, wingmen, and goofs.

Barney, Marshall and Ted
Barney, Marshall, and Ted

In How I Met Your Mother, Ted, Marshall, and Barney are the Three Musketeers of New York City. Their adventures take them from their favorite bar to dates, weddings, and the Liberty Bell. All they need is to suit up, and they’re ready to take on life that’s legen–wait for it–dary.

Another couple of bros who always have each other’s backs are Vince Vaughn and Kevin James’s characters in The Dilemma. These two are tight.

They tell each other everything. Even when it’s hard.

2. Much hugging

Sometimes you just need to hug it out. Sometimes you need to hug it out a lot. . . .

What better brothers from another mother than Drake and Josh to show us how it’s done?


3. Much singing

Usually, bros share the song inside their hearts. Take the boys from Full House for example.

Have mercy!

4. Bromances have breakups and makeups.

House and Wilson








Friends are forever. That’s grade school knowledge. In House, House and Wilson fight. They break up. But they muddle through their differences and get back together.

Relationships aren’t easy.

5. Bros make it better.

Cory and Shawn


Boy meets girl does not mean the end of a bromance.

Cory and Topanga are a favorite 90’s couple from Boy Meets World, but they wouldn’t be anything without their third wheel.

Girls don’t understand boys. Topanga gets that. She gets that she doesn’t get it.

But she knows that Cory’s best friend (Shawn) does.

Whenever Cory and Topanga go through a spat, Shawn is their biggest fan, cheering for them to reunite. The same can be said for How I Met Your Mother bros Marshall and Barney as they help Ted navigate through the wonders and blunders of love.


The Boys of a Bromance

Joey and Chandler

Typically, there are two kinds of men in every bromance.

1. The quirky, everyday man who’s more sensitive and acts as the emotional glue of the relationship.

Boy Meets World’s Cory, Full House’s Danny and Joey, Friends’ Chandler, Josh from Drake and Josh, and Wilson from House are good examples of the everyday man.

2. The sarcastic womanizer who’s popular and brings a sense of cool and culture to the relationship.

Bros like Shawn from Boy Meets World, Uncle Jesse from Full House, Joey from Friends, Drake from Drake and Josh, and House in House represent the womanizer side well.

Both roles are important.

Without quirky, everyday man, the bromance would not be as relational or relatable.

But without the womanizer, the friendship could be mistaken as a gay relationship.

What’s your favorite bromance? And do you think it’s time Christian fiction starred some bromances? 


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My name is Nichole—Nichole Parks. Not to be confused with Nicholas Sparks. Nicky boy handles the drama. And me? I take on the trauma. Dark humor is my specialty.

7 thoughts on “How to Write a Bromance

  1. This was the best post I have read! Joey and Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S , and Jesse and Joey from Full House are my all time favorite. I also like your point that it’s time for Christian fiction to have some bromance!


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