How to bring out the super in your hero

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As it happens, I grew up with a superhero. Or at the very least my brother walked around the house like one. KA-Pow! Slam. Thud. Punch! BOOM. He had all the sound effects down pat.

Now, it’s been my observation that girls, like say Lois Lane, were a bigger weakness to the superheroes than Kryptonite. Clark Kent would just be minding his newspaper when little miss nosy reporter got herself in a pinch. Sometimes it takes a girl to bring out the super in a hero.

Dear person reading, you are in a very powerful position. And since we’re on the subject of superheroes, “with great power comes great responsibility.”

Here’s how to bring out the best in the Clark Kents you know.

Respect him.

When he holds open a door, make a big deal about what a gentleman he is. Listen without interrupting. Appreciate his insights. Don’t call him clueless or insensitive. Call him sir and Mr. Kent. Tell him what you admire about him and why, how it makes you feel.

Plus, if he knows he’s doing something just right, he’ll probably do it more often.

Ask his advice.

Lois Lane always needed saving. You remember what Superman did? He fixed things.

I must ring Dad or KP or both once a week for their take on a situation. It bothers me a little because I should be able to do this life thing on my own. But my boys fix it, and they like doing that for me.

Guys like being needed. Need is a magic word for them, but be careful. If you use it too much, it’s a nag.

Another thing, men are supposed to be the head, right? So, by taking their advice you’re following their lead. Nice job. You’ve just made the prince feel like a king.

Stand by your man.

Have his back.

The thing about superheroes is that even their mistakes are super. In The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible makes a doozy. Then his wife, the lovely Mrs. Incredible, comes in. With a united front, they defeat the villain.

See the king in him.

Clark Kents don’t always recognize they’re Supermen. That’s okay. See it for them.

Nala from The Lion King knows Simba for who he really is. She sets out on her own and finds Simba in order to bring him back to his rightful place at Pride Rock. And when he doesn’t believe in himself, she inspires him to be “the king she sees inside.”

Change starts with a vision.

Know him.

Know his strengths and know his weaknesses.

After persistently pressing Sam to share what’s bothering him, Andy finally blows. She wants more than small talk. If he doesn’t tell her what hurts, how can she help him heal? In this clip from Rookie Blue, he finally opens up to her about his fear of turning into his father. (Watch to 2:13)

Andy reaffirms him as the king she sees.

Pray for him.

Considering he’s a leader and all, wisdom is a great thing to pray for him.

If I’m bowing my head and closing my eyes for my brother, I pray for safety. If it’s Dad, I’m talking to God more about strength for the work week. And if I am feeling particularly youth-group girlish, I pray my future husband is protected as he becomes a noble man.

If you really want to get into it, Praying for Your Future Husband offers great insight.

Talk him up to your friends.

No need to dwell on the negative. You don’t want to get in the habit of talking bad about a guy. Odds are you’ll marry one eventually. When that happens, it’s best not to hate on your husband. Ever… Ever.

You should be honored to be his girl and happy to let everyone know it.

There’s no telephone booth needed to change Clark Kent into Superman. (It’s a bird. It’s a plane.) It’s up to you.

How do you bring out the best in the men in your life?


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