Guest Post: Prince Stalking

My good friend and fairytale fanatic Kate G. Jameson volunteered to write a post on guys’ tactics for stalking girls. I appreciate her new twist on Cinderella, and I think you will too.

There’s a fine line between stalking and romance and no one balances on that tightrope better than Cinderella’s Prince Charming.

Think about it. The guy is ready to marry her, and he doesn’t even know her name. So he grabs hold of his only clue: a glass slipper. Maybe not the best way to get the girl, but it got me thinking. How do guys go about finding out more about girls they’re interested in?

Now, being neither a boy nor able to convincingly disguise myself as one, I had to resort to relying on the information my male friends were willing to provide. So I cornered a few and pried answers out of them (well, it wasn’t quite that hard, but I did have to promise to keep their identities a secret). Once they laughed off my initial question of “How do you stalk the girl you like?” I got some serious responses.

One of the first things the guys seemed to do was check the girl out on Facebook. But not her pictures or posts. No, they check out the things she likes and the pages she follows “because then you know if you’re compatible.”

The overwhelming theme I discovered was that of simply observing the girl. Learn where she hangs out and be there when she is. Listen to the conversations she has with others. Watch from corners of rooms. As one of the guys said, “Wooing women is similar to being a CIA agent.”

In regards to getting more specific information about the girl in question, I found that it is in NO way acceptable to simply ask the girl’s friends. However, if the guy can subtly steer the conversation toward said girl and her interests, he should definitely do so.

But what do you do with all the information you’ve gathered about the target…er, girl? “It’s acceptable to bring up things she’s interested in when she’s around. But not with her. Talk about it with someone else nearby, loudly enough for her to hear.”

One of the guys brought up an interesting way to get the girl’s actual attention. Mimic the girl’s movements and actions and see if she notices. And hope she doesn’t think there’s something wrong with you.

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Another of the guys, after sitting in silence for the first few minutes of our conversation, said quite candidly, “Or you could just man up and ask the girl out for coffee.” I was shocked when his words were met with eye rolls, nervous laughter, and “You make it sound so easy!”s. Apparently that straightforward approach is not a popular one.

So to all you guys out there, I say this: Prince Charming was a little creepy, at least in my opinion. While the straightforward approach may be harder, we appreciate it more.

To all you gals: Have patience. He’ll make a move eventually.

Now I’ll put the question to you: What are your favorite stalking methods?

kate2Meet my guest.

Kate G. Jameson loves true love and happily ever afters. She is waiting for her degree in Professional Writing to rescue her from a life of studying and homework. When not slaving away, she can be found working at the campus newspaper, the library, or the theater. Kate also blogs weekly about her love for words at

For more fairytale fun be sure to follow her social media.

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