Lessons From Brooke Davis About Being Single

As much as Brooke Davis wanted to be in a relationship, wanted love, she spent a great deal of One Tree Hill being a party of one.

And because being single doesn’t always feel much like a party, I thought I’d investigate just what B. Davis did that made her the best thing that ever happened to singledom.

She fought for herself.


From cheer captain to class president. To fashion designer. To being on the cover of her very own magazine. Brooke championed herself.

She set goals.

She made plans.

She didn’t just sit at home and feel sorry for herself. . . at least not most nights.


She inspired others to keep fighting too.

Sucky time? Brooke has been there, done that, and designed the t-shirt. Even after having more than her fair share of heartbreak, when things got tough at home, the tough got on a plane and returned to Tree Hill.

She was the shoulder to cry on, helping hand, and pep talk.


She never lost sight of her priorities.

No matter what happened she always had her passions. Between being the most awesome aunt and wowing the fashion world with her latest clothing line, she kept her life filled with the things that meant the most.


She kept an open heart.

Over the course of her love life, she called a lot of boys “boyfriend.” There was Lucas then Felix then Lucas again then Chase and then Owen.

Some discovered that “there are two completely different sides to Brooke Davis. Both of which are amazing.” And some just wanted to know “What’s underneath all the clothes?”


But never lowered her standards.

While her flings and flirtations were certainly entertaining, Brooke never actually entertained the idea of being with a man who didn’t meet her standards.

She needed someone who could respect her as the woman she’d become and also to cherish the girl behind the red door she’d always be.


She was genuinely happy for her friends.

Truly made of honor, Brooke shared in her friends’ excitement through weddings. And when the time came, babies.

She knew a reason to party when she saw it.


. . . even if that called for a pity party on the rare occasion.

She let herself feel sad about waiting for love sometimes.


Brooke had it all together, but what she really desperately wanted was to be together with her future husband.

Haley had Nathan. Peyton had Lucas. When would it be her turn to be the girl  who got the boy and the baby?

She held out hope for her man. 


By the time Julian came into Brooke’s life, she was done letting people in. But Julian Baker wasn’t just any old people.

He was the guy who fought for her, inspired her, made her his first priority, opened her heart, exceeded her expectations, celebrated her success, and made the bad better just by being by her side.

I’m curious. What did Brooke teach you?

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