TV Couples Who Loathed Before They Loved

iloatheyouNothing feeds my inner fangirl like a match made in havoc. You know how it goes. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl clash. . . and, boy, do they ever!


Typically, it’s love at first fight for me. So when Caleb and Shelby swapped disses in the Quantico pilot. . .Let’s just say it doesn’t take an FBI agent to figure out who proceeded to binge watch the first season.

Seeing as how a good loathe-to-love story is rare to find, I thought I’d share some faves.

Caleb Haas and Shelby Wyatt in Quantico

First meet: Season 1, Episode 1

While we’re still on the subject . . . Caleb and Shelby may be NATs (New Agent Trainees). But from day one at Quantico, they’re specialist in pushing one another’s  buttons.

As worthy opponents, they’re formidable. As partners, they’re commendable. #Shaleb

Jake Broderick and Laura Diamond in The Mysteries of Laura

First interaction: Season 1, Episode 1

Technically, they loathed before they loved again. Detective Laura Diamond wishes her ex-husband would get a clue. Fortunately, Lieutenant Jake Broderick (Josh Lucas!) will stop at nothing to solve the unfinished business between them.

When he becomes her captain, Jake’s not only wearing the pants for once but his heart on his sleeve.


Photo Credit: NBC

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Marty Deeks & Kensi Blye in NCIS: Los Angeles

First meet: Season 1, Episode 19

You know what they say: Opposites attack.

A jurisdiction spat causes hard feelings between the LAPD and NCIS in a big way. And only gets worse when LAPD Detective Marty Deeks is hired on a liaison — not to mention Special Agent Kensi Blye’s new partner.

There are 9 reasons why Densi is the cutest couple on TV, but the teasing from these lovers has to be at the top.

Caleb Rivers and Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars

First meet: Season 1, Episode 15

From the start, this couple had issues from A to . . . Well, I think we can all agree that A was more than enough.

Caleb was an low-key hacker, an outsider. Hanna, a high-maintenance princess. She needed his tech skills. And Caleb needed her reputation in order to attract more clientele. With her on his arm, he came across as a trustworthy individual.

A fake relationship was just the beginning of their pretty little lies.


Photo credit: ABC

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David Addison and Maddie Hayes in Moonlighting

First meet: Season 1, Episode 1

Once in a blue moon, a TV couple triggers a new trope. We have PI David Addison and has-been model Maddie Hayes to thank for the “she hates me, she hates me not” love story.

Name-calling and ranting build fun and flair into their rivalry of a romance.


Photo credit: ABC

Who’d I miss? Which loathe-to-love couple do you ship?


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My name is Nichole—Nichole Parks. Not to be confused with Nicholas Sparks. Nicky boy handles the drama. And me? I take on the trauma. Dark humor is my specialty.

2 thoughts on “TV Couples Who Loathed Before They Loved

    1. Yhass! 😍 I am team Logan all the way. Mindy and Danny from “The Mindy Project” are another couple I reluctantly left off the list. For the sake of the blog theme, I felt it was best to keep to crime TV shows.

      Thanks for joining the conversation!


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