7 Break-up Songs That Will Make You Break Out in a Smile

Nothing feels as good as the feels of a sad song. Especially in the throes of a break-up.

Credit to http://bit.ly/2aTxBKb

But there comes a time when a girl has to pick herself up off the couch and try out a smile. . . or a laugh. . . or a dance party on for size.

Without further ado, here are 7 break-up songs to help you break out of your funk.

I Hope It Rains by Jana Kramer


Pray for You by Jaron and The Long Road to Love


That’s What I Call Crazy by Lucy Hale


Tonight I’m Getting Over You by Carly Rae Jepsen


50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train


Best Days of Your Life by Kellie Pickler


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift


What song helps you through a break-up?


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My name is Nichole—Nichole Parks. Not to be confused with Nicholas Sparks. Nicky boy handles the drama. And me? I take on the trauma. Dark humor is my specialty.

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