Review of Praying with Jane

Who knew?

Jane Austen penned three prayers. Well, three that we know of. Her sister Cassandra (Bless her soul.) cherished them. “They were passed down by her family and kept safe for future generations,” shared English professor and author Rachel Dodge.

Her new devotional imparts these petitions in a thoughtful narrative that can’t help but compel the reader into a deeper intercession. You see, each encouragement of Praying with Jane is inspired by her own reverent words. Insight to her world and characters lend themselves as captivating illustrations to the daily messages.

Verses throughout and sample prayers further to strengthen the reader’s quite time as they did mine. . . You know so often Austen’s writing brings two people together. This book is no exception and seeks to draw one’s heart closer to God.

I’m happy to recommend it to you.


For more than two hundred years, Jane Austen and her novels have charmed readers from around the world. While much has been written about her fascinating life, less is known about Jane’s spiritual side. In this beautiful 31-day devotional, Miss Austen’s faith comes to life through her exquisite prayers, touching biographical anecdotes, and illuminating scenes from her novels. Each reading also includes a thematically appropriate Scripture and a prayer inspired by Jane’s petitions.

May this journey into Jane Austen’s life of faith and prayer ignite and deepen your own relationship with the Father who loves you.


Rachel Dodge teaches college English and Jane Austen classes, gives talks at libraries, teas, and Jane Austen groups, and is a writer for the popular Jane Austen’s World blog. She is passionate about telling stories that bring God glory and about encouraging and equipping families to grow closer to Jesus through prayer and the study of God’s Word.

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