Sure, behind every great man is a great woman.

But what does a great woman look like anyway? Where does she seek counsel? How does she deal with insecurities?

These are just a few of the questions I’m asking.

Scratch that. These are just a few of the answers I’m seeking. To do so, I’ve taken to researching inspirational women in history.

Think Clementine Churchill. Emma Darwin. Or Lillian Gilbreth, mother of the original Cheaper By the Dozen.

After melting over their love letters and highlighting their memoirs. . . Honestly? These lovely people have become my friends.

I love learning how they built strong marriages despite judgmental mother-in-laws, fixer-upper houses, financial troubles, and world wars. They were both independent and yet inseparable from their husbands. They’re astounding!

No matter who I study, though, there’s always one thing I learn: Great women are not perfect.

Some are famous for their tempers. Some are admittedly poor mothers. All are flawed.

Which means. . . Anyone can become a great woman. That’s the very best part.

Now let’s make history.

– Nichole Parks